Friday, 24 January 2014

VIDEO: Short Movies, 'My Beautiful Woman'

Challenging conventional notions of beauty pushed by superficial, airbrushed media is central to the "My Beautiful Woman" campaign by Wacoal, one of the oldest lingerie brands in Thailand.

To encourage women to realize their beauty inside and be inspirations to the humanity, Wacoal has launched three short films based on true stories about strong women who have followed their hearts and made sacrifices.

1. A Mother's Choice
After years of trying to have a baby, the couple faces a life-altering decision that comes with news of her pregnancy.

2. The Missing Employee
A hard-working woman proposes missing work every Friday to her boss. The boss visits her at home to discover her agenda.

3. Jane's Secret

A single, teen mom is not afraid to take her daughter to school in her college uniform and become a target of gossip among other guardians and teachers. To protect her daughter, she's keeping a secret that will leave the prudes in awe.

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