Sunday, 31 March 2013

Office Tab Enterprise v9.51 + Crack

Name : Office Tab Enterprise
Version : 9.51
Language : English
Medicine : Include - Patch RCG
OS Support : Xp/Vista/7/8
Updated : 14 March 2013
Publisher : extend office

Office tab enterprise adalah software yang berfungsi untuk membuat tab-tab pada Microsoft office seperti Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, power point, Microsoft access dan lain-lain agar mempermudah kita ketika membuka banyak halaman seperti membuka beberapa halaman pada Microsoft word dan akan terbentuk tab-tab yang memudahkan kita dalam bekerja.
Fungsi Office Tab Enterprise ini dapat mengelakkan taskbar anda menjadi sesak dengan terlalu banyak doc Microsoft Office yang terpapar di taskbar anda. Namun dengan Office Tab ini, seluruh dokumen akan terbuka pada satu jendela namun berbeza tab, lebih kurang macam web Browser. Jadi lebih simple dan tidak sesak. Office Tab Enterprise 9.51 ini support Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, dan Visio. Mulai dari Office 2003, 2007, 2010 dan 2013.

ü  Abundant positions and flexibility to show the Tab: Above Workspace, Below Workspace, Left Workspace or Right Workspace.
ü  Office Tab allows you to customize the tab color.
ü  Available to rename the saved Tab in the right click Tab pop-up menu.
ü  Supply an independent Office Tab Center for configuring all the setting in Office Tab 4.00.
ü  More than 11 Tab styles can be chose.
ü  Office Tab can be hidden while there is one Tab.
ü  You can drag the Tab from one Tab position to another Tab position in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (except in Microsoft PowerPoint).
ü  Right clicks the Tabs, there will pop-up a menu, which includes Close function, Rename function and so on.
ü  Office Tab can be easily enabled or disabled.
ü  Customize Tabs layout. Office Tab arranges 3 layouts for choosing: Auto Size, SizeToFit and Fixed.
ü  Customize the max width of Tabs (for Auto Size and SizeToFit layout), and fixed width of Tabs (for fixed layout).


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Sunday, 24 March 2013

KOREAN DRAMA: That Winter, The Wind Blows - COMPLETED

That Winter, The Wind Blows (K-Drama) (2013) (13 Sub I 13 RAW)

겨울, 바람이 분다: Geu Gyeowool, Barami Boonda


From February 13, 2013; Every Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 KST

More Info:

A man (Jo In-Sung) known as the best gambler in the Cheongdam neighborhood lives a meaningless life. His parents dumped at an early age and he lost his first lover. Meanwhile, a woman (Song Hye-Kyo) is the heir to a large corporation, but she is lonely. She has also lived through a difficult life. She lost her eyesight and her father passed away. The woman has to protect herself from those around her.
File Info:
File Size: 200mb (+/-)
File Format: mkv
Used RAW: 450p/720p KOR
Resolution: 450p/480p
Multiuploader: Embedupload
Link Protector: Safelinking


Episode 01: Part 1 Part 2              SUBTITLE
Episode 02: Part 1 Part 2             SUBTITLE
Episode 03: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 04: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 05: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 06: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 07: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 08: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 09: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 10: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 11: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 12: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 13: Part 1 Part2               SUBTITLE
Episode 14: Part 1 Part 2               SUBTITLE
Episode 15: Part 1 Part 2               SUBTITLE
          Episode 16: Part 1 Part 2               SUBTITLE

To download the files for subtitles, 
right click on them and then click on Save Link (or Target) as, 
then click on Save or OK or just use jdownloader.txt

KOREAN DRAMA: School 2013; 학교2013; Hakgyo 2013 - COMPLETED

·         Title : School 2013 (K-Drama) (2012)
·         Alternative Title(s) : 학교2013; Hakgyo 2013
·         Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
·         English Subtitles: Yes
·         Number of Episodes: 16
·         Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2012-Dec-03 to 2013-???-??; Mon & Tue 21:55 KST at KBS2 Network
·         More Info:
·         Summary: 
Seungri High School ranks as one of the worst of the 178 high schools in Seoul based on academic scores. Seungri High School is now busy preparing presentations for its new students. Class 2 is at the bottom of grade 2 at Seungri High. Nam-Soon (Lee Jong-Suk) is elected class president for grade 2, thanks to the support of Jung-Ho (Kwak Jung-Wook), who is a member of the school gang. Se-Chan (Daniel Choi) is the top Korean language teacher at a famous institute in Gangnam. In order to improve the student’s scores at Seungri High School, the school hires Se-Chan. When Se-Chan appears at the school’s opening presentation, Nam-Soon becomes embarrassed.

ü  Multiuploader : Embedupload
ü  Resolution : 480p and 450p
ü  Format : MKV

Episode 01 (237 MB): Part 1 Part2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 02 (196 MB): Part 1 Part 2                SUBTITLE
Episode 03 (190 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 04 (213 MB): Part 1 Part2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 05 (197 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 06 (181 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 07 (192 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 08 (192 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 09 (220 MB): Part 1 Part 2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 10 (205 MB): Part 1 Part 2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 11 (204 MB): Part 1 Part 2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 12 (202 MB): Part 1 Part 2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 13 (177 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 14 (222 MB): Part 1 Part 2                 SUBTITLE
Episode 15 (181 MB): Download                      SUBTITLE
Episode 16 (200 MB): Part 1 Part 2                 SUBTITLE

Monday, 11 March 2013

Jadual puasa sunat & wajib bagi tahun 2013

Diantara hari-hari yang disunatkan untuk berpuasa dalam Islam adalah seperti berikut:
ü  Puasa enam iaitu puasa yang dijalankan selama enam hari dalam bulan Syawal. Puasa ini dilakukan sehari selepas 1 Syawal sama ada secara berturut-turut atau tidak.
ü  Puasa awal bulan Zulhijjah dari 1 haribulan hingga 8 haribulan Zulhijjah.
ü  Puasa pada hari Arafah iaitu pada 9 haribulan Zulhijjah.
ü  Puasa pada 9 haribulan Muharram.
ü  Puasa pada Hari Asyura iaitu pada 10 haribulan Muharram.
ü  Puasa dalam bulan Rejab mengikut kemampuan berpuasa.
ü  Puasa dalam bulan Sya'ban kecuali pada hari syak iaitu 30 haribulan Sya'ban.
ü  Puasa pada tiap-tiap hari isnin dan khamis.
ü  Puasa tiga hari pada tiap-tiap hari bulan Qamariah.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tips on Public Speaking

Here are some important public speaking tips to help you develop your skills and become far more effective as a public speaker.
ü  Ensure your speech will be captivating to your audience as well as worth their time and attention. Videotape your presentation and analyze it. Emphasize your strong points during your presentation.
ü  Present the desired image to your audience. Be solemn if your topic is serious. Appear relaxed, even if you feel nervous. Remember, you don’t look as nervous as you feel.
ü   Establish rapport with your audience. If a microphone is available, adjust and adapt your voice accordingly.
ü  Maintain sincere eye contact with your audience. If what you have prepared is obviously not getting across to your audience, change your strategy mid-stream if you are well prepared to do so.
ü    Allow yourself and your audience a little time to reflect and think.
ü  Check out the location ahead of time to ensure seating arrangements for audience, whiteboard, blackboard, lighting, location of projection screen, sound system, etc. are suitable for your presentation.
ü  Tell audience ahead of time that you will be giving out an outline of your presentation so that they will not waste time taking unnecessary notes during your presentation.
ü  Humour : Tell jokes if you’re good at telling jokes. If you aren’t good, it is best to leave the jokes behind. There’s nothing worse than a punch line that has no punch.
ü  Tell stories : Stories make you a real person not just a deliverer of information. Use personal experiences to bring your material to life. No matter how dry your material is, you can always find a way to humanise it. Keep audience interested throughout your entire presentation. Remember that an interesting speech makes time fly, but a boring speech is always too long to endure even if the presentation time is the same.
ü   Using Public Speaking Environment – Try not to get stuck in one place. Use all the space that’s available to you. If your space is confined (say a meeting room or even presenting at a table) use stronger body language to convey your message.
ü  Mistakes – Mistakes are all right. Recovering from mistakes makes you  appear more human. Good recovery puts your audience at ease – they identify with you more.

“There are three things to aim at in public speaking:
first, to get into your subject, 
then to get your subject into yourself, and 
lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” 
Alexander Gregg


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