Sunday, 13 October 2013

LUAR NEGARA: Mum busted for breastfeeding on moped

A mum in a hurry boobed in central China when she breastfed her young son while they sped through traffic on a moped.

Witnesses say the tot - aged about 18 months - was crying as the bike weaved through busy roads in Yuzhou, Henan province.

"So she suddenly lifted up her T-shirt, whipped out her breast and started to feed him on the move," said one startled driver.

But the impromptu meals on wheels earned the mother a ticking off from local police.

"She was risking her life, her son's life and the lives of all the other road users," said a police spokesman.

"We told her that if she carried on we would confiscate her bike," they added.

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