Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The World Without Mobile Technology

Watch what a world without mobile technology would be like

ü  It may constantly distract us, keep us inescapable on call for work and even make us fat, but ultimately, mobile technology is a godsend.
ü  Our always-on smartphones live to serve us in so many ways that alternative real-life solutions would be far more distracting (and annoyingly twee).
ü  As laid out in this video from Qualcomm, tweets would drop from the sky, live bands would follow us on dollies and getting smacked in the face by an Angry Bird would be a regular occurrence.
ü  So next time you're swamped with a mass of unread emails, be grateful that a deliveryman didn't have to hand you each one personally.

Just for fun only J

Even though if the world without mobile technology (50 years ago), the world kept spinning and people still can lived enjoy the better life.

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